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Working with our Tax Advisors

There are a lot of very good tax resolution firms out there, and each one may go about helping their respective clients in a different way. At Assurance Tax Advisors, we believe the best approach is to maintain good open communication with both the client & the IRS throughout the process!

Below is a brief explanation of how we solve your tax related issues, and what to expect throughout the tax resolution process.

Free Consultation
The first step is to make the call and talk with a tax professional. This will be a brief and informal conversation to discuss your current situation, any concerns you might have, and to explore possible options. The discussion will last no more than 20 to 30 minutes, and you will not be asked for a credit card!

If, after talking with one of our tax professionals, you decide to move forward with our tax firm, then a follow up call or meeting will be scheduled at your convenience to discuss your case in more depth. At this time certain documents may need to be obtained by the tax professional to review any numbers of factors concerning your case.

After all needed documents have been obtained, and the tax professional has had sufficient time to review your case, then an analysis will be written and presented to you. The analysis will cover your current situation, anticipated costs, and general timeframes for resolving your tax related issue/s.

At this time, you will be able to make one of 3 choices:

1. You can choose to contract with our firm to represent you before the IRS, and resolve your tax problems.

2. You are free to take the analysis, and seek a second opinion, or contract with another firm.

3. You can take the analysis, and attempt to resolve your tax problem yourself.

There is no wrong choice here, and that’s why we have set it up this way. Depending on your unique situation any of the above choices may be the right one. We can’t be all things to all people, so we understand if you would like to talk with another firm. Also, not every single tax problem warrants the services of a tax resolution firm. There are several minor tax related issues you can solve yourself by dealing directly with the IRS.

In fact, many of the resources and information you need to solve IRS problems, are located right here on this website. However, if you start to feel in over your head, we are always here for you!

If after receiving your analysis, and discussing your options with one of our tax professionals, you decide to contract with our firm, then we will move forward with representation.

Now, at this time, appropriate payment arrangements will need to be made and/or agreed upon. Additionally, some paperwork like a power of attorney will need to be signed.

Following the preliminary arrangements of getting you set up as a client of our tax firm, we will immediately begin the tax resolution process on your behalf.

Tax Resolution Process
The tax resolution process can vary widely in terms of time to complete, and scope of work, but generally involves the following steps:

  • Discovery
  • Document Requisitions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance
  • Negotiations
  • Settlement, Resolution, Etc.

  • Regardless of your current situation, Assurance Tax Advisors can help. So, give us a call at (888) 918-8121 today, or fill out the short form on the right side of this page. Remember, of all your options - ignoring the problem is the least helpful for you!

    You have options.
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